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We are launching the JOURNAL FOR SOCIAL VISION with the idea of creating a key resource for materials exploring the role of art, architecture, design, and literature in making sense of and creating the social.

Photo: Lubomir Draganov.

The Journal for Social Vision emerged as part of the Center for Social Vision, so here you will primarily find contributions concerning the work of the Center over the past few months - discussions, interviews, surveys, and essays, that reflect the interests of the Center participants as well as that arose alongside the public program "Negotiation". In addition, over time you will also find publications related to the work of our partner organizations, including Know-How Show-How, TAM, HOD Move Lab, and others with whom we share vision and action. But we'll also publish anything we think is exciting, topical, or important in exploring the social.

Key themes that we have already outlined and set as central to our platform relate to how art and related fields are involved in creating relationships between living and non-living beings, materiality, ideas, and contexts; what social infrastructure we need; how we think cultural heritage; how to ground a notion of environment that overcomes the dualistic divide between culture and nature and allows us to analyze and participate in a much more complex reality defined by technologies, ideologies and social media.

Last but not least, we are open to colleagues and organizations with suggestions for contributions that would be relevant to the direction we have taken and that would contribute to a broader understanding of the social.


founder of Swimming Pool,

initiator of the Center for Social Vision



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